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Have you ever experienced the power of your friends? Especially 
during your exam preparation days. Many students keep themselves 
away from friends and study alone to score more marks in exams. 
Parents also encourage their children by pushing them to shy away 
from discussions and combined studies to concentrate more on exam 

But IELTS exam really need good friends. Good friends circle that can 
help you score good marks in this exam. Sounds amazing, right? When 
it comes to development of English language skills, your friends can 
help to act as critics, resourceful guides and astounding motivators in 
your endeavor. This will make you to experiment and improve your 
English language skills, get necessary help and constant 
encouragement from them.

How to form a friends circle ?
When you plan for IELTS exam and if you really want to improve 
English language skills, and then form a friend’s circle that is ready to 
help you. Ensure that the group can spend atleast 2 to 3 hours daily 
with you patiently. The minimum requirement is that they know 
English well and loves to help you.
What to do with friend circle ?
Plan your training schedule with them. In this training schedule, 
include debates, elocutions, group discussions, essay writing and 
watching talk shows in TV. You can do this in your home or in a park. 
Make every day interesting with a new topic. Your job is to ensure 
that your friends are interested and ready to help, you till the exam 
finish. Ensure that you talk with them only in English and not in 
native language. Normally friends slowly drift to native language to 
express their ideas more forcefully. It should be avoided at any cost 
as it’s seen that such drifts slowly decrease the effectiveness of the 
What is your role?
When you start a meeting with your friends at a convenient place, 
take a skill a day for practice. Plan your week, giving importance to 
each skill everyday with a solid study plan. As a word of caution, don’
t force your friends to assemble for your needs or maintain 
attendance register. Make this event interesting and mutually 

For speaking skill improvement, conduct serious debates and lectures .
At end of the day let you friends comment about your mistakes you 
have made. Note down all the points and improve upon it. Don’t take 
these comments as insults but take it as opportunities for 

In writing skill, write atleast 2 essays and submit to your friends circle 
for evaluation. Allow them to read loud, comment and criticize. You 
have to note down all the corrections that they tell. It can be from 
framing the sentences to logical flow of information. Rewrite the 
essay after the meeting.

Reading skills are developed through attending reading 
comprehension exercises and discussing about short stories you have 
read recently. You can also discuss about new vocabulary you 
identified with its meaning. Your friends help you by checking your 
recalling power in reading comprehension by asking questions from a 
short story you have read. You have to answer with as much 
seriousness as though you attend an IELTS speaking interview.

Listening skills are developed by improving your hearing faculties. It 
includes improving your concentration and attention to details while 
listening. Make your friends to discuss about any subject they like 
and identify their grammatical errors. Along with it, absorb the key 
points about the subject that they talked in detail. All this will help 
you in your speaking and writing section.

Make your friends a valuable asset for you. They will assure all their 
help in getting you a good score in IELTS exam and return the same 
back with gratitude when they prepare for IELTS exam.


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