IELTS Secrets: Skimming

The first task when you start reading is the answer to the question " What is
Multi - choice? " The best surf of the response quickly skimming
The passage of the general idea just stop reading at the first sentence of each
Paragraph. The first sentence is the main sentence are generally subject, and so

It gives a summary of the content of the paragraph.
Once skimmed over , stopping only to read the first two sentences , which
And acerca usually have no idea what it is and what is expected
Subject in each paragraph.
This will contain all the evidence to the question where to find the answer in the passage .
Do not just randomly search through the passage to get the correct answer in each
Question. Scientific research . Search for the keyword ( s ) in question or ideas that are
Or will contain or be close to the correct answer. These are usually names ,
Acts or numbers or phrases in the question that is likely to recur in
Passage. Once you identify these keywords ( s ) or slide on the idea
Those quickly to find a show where the keyword ( s ) or concept. The correct answer
You will have the option to close .
Example : What caused Martin to suddenly return to Paris ?
The key word is Paris. Skim the passage quickly to find where this word
Seems . The answer would be similar to the word .
However, the keywords and sometimes in question will not be repeated in the hallway.
In these cases, the search for the general idea of the case.
Example : Which of the following was the psychological impact of the author
Children in the rest of your life?
The key words are " childhood " or "psychology" . In pursuit of these words,
Notice for specific words or phrases such as make sense: as " emotional
Cause " or" mind " that can be used in step instead of flour
The word "psychology" .
It could be years or digits particularly good keywords to browse for standing peak gift
Out of the remaining text.
Example : Which of the following best describes the impact of the work of Monet
Century 20 ?
20 contains the numbers and easily stand out from the rest of the text . use
20 as the keyword to browse down the aisle .
Once you've found the correct section for quick passage to find the answer
Focus on the response options . Sometimes he repeats word for word choice
Part of the hallway near the answer. However, be careful with this duality -
It may be a trap! More than likely , the right choice or rework
Summarize the relevant part of the passage , rather than be exactly the same
Writing .

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