IELTS Secret Key: Prepare, Don’t Procrastinate

Let me mention the obvious fact : If you take IELTS three times , you will get three
Dozens of different. This is due to the way it feels on the day of the test, and the level of
You must prepare and although IELTS claims to the contrary, some of the tests
It will be easier for you than others .
Since it depends heavily on your score , you should maximize your chances of
Success . In order to maximize the chances of success, you have ready in
Progress. This means taking official practice tests and spend time learning
Information and test taking strategies they need to succeed.
You can always restore the test more than once, but remember that you will have to
Wait at least three months before retaking the test. Do not get into
A situation in which you need a higher degree and can not wait , so do not take the
IELTS as evidence of "practice " . Do not hesitate to take practice tests on your own, but when
Go take IELTS , be prepared , be focused , and make the best first

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