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In the future, these people grow their own food. Scientists are getting ready for the future by the biosphere. In Arizona, scientists are building. In 1989, eight people will begin living within the biosphere. They will be sealed from the outside world. They grow their own food. A scientist, we will need some sort of system to another planet. It could be a test to see if it will be. The project is called the biosphere. Many different areas will be put in the biosphere. The oceans, tropical, and will mimic a rain forest.They will try to grow all the food they need.The idea has been tried already. Two years at a desk in an office, two small shrimp is a sealed world.

1) Many different areas will be put in the biosphere. It will copy the oceans, the tropics, and a ________________.
One answer only.

    A. valley
    B. house
    C. rain forest

2) If they can grow all of the food they need, then it could be done on another ______________ that does not have any plants growing on it
One answer only.
    A. planet
    B. backyard
    C. biosphere

3) People who fly in space have to eat food that they bring from earth. In the future, these people will grow their own _____________.
One answer only.
    A. pets
    B. moss
    C. food

4) A scientist said that on another planet, we will need some kind of __________________ .
One answer only.
    A. life system
    B. biosphere
    C. light source

5) Scientists are getting ready for the _______________ by making a biosphere.
One answer only.
    A. shrimp
    B. plants
    C. future

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