Essential tips for IELTS General Training Module

Practice, practice, practice
I have included here a selection of cards for you to practice on. Choose a card, prepare
for 1 minute, writing down the points you will speak about. When you start speaking,
try not to get in trouble – don’t use words unless you know what they mean, don’t use
long complicated sentences where you get lost in words. Try to speak simply and
make it sound interesting.

Describe a book that has had a major influence on you.
You should include in your answer:

  •  What is the name of that book and who is the author
  •  How you first heard of it
  •  What is that book about
  •  Why it played such an important role in your life

Describe your favorite restaurant.
You should include in your answer:

  •  Where it is located in city
  •  What does it look like inside and outside
  •  What kind of food is served there
  •  What makes this restaurant so special to you and others

Describe a museum you visited. You should say:

  •  Where this museum is situated?
  •  Why people visit the museum?
  •  What did it look like?
  •  Why you liked this museum?

Describe a conflict at work you once had
You should mention:

  •  The nature of the conflict
  •  Why the conflict occurred
  •  What you felt at the time of the conflict
  •  What you had to do to resolve it

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