FREE IELTS SAMPLE ESSAYS: "Human beings are rapidly destroying the planet Earth." Do you agree?

Many people believe that human beings arc destroying the planet Earth. I have to agree with this statement and I believe there is plenty of evidence for it if we look at some of man's agricultural and industrial practices. In addition, the use of nuclear energy further increases the danger to the world.

Man's agricultural practices arc severely damaging the environment. The incorrect use of land causes the formation of deserts; this is a particularly serious problem in Australia and the USA. Diversion of water from lakes and rivers for irrigation can also cause severe problems. The use of water from the Aral sea in the Soviet Union is an example of this.

Industrial wastes have caused critical pollution of water and the atmosphere. Atmospheric pollution has resulted in the 'greenhouse effect' — a phenomenon that is resulting in a dangerous increase in the temperature of the world. Similarly chemical pollution is damaging the ozone layer of the Earth. This results in dangerous ultraviolet rays entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Nuclear power also poses serious problems. One nuclear bomb can have devastating long-term effects. Even if nuclear power is used for peaceful purposes, the wastes are so toxic and so long-lasting that we are endangering the lives of generations to come.

Some people may think that improved technology will solve the problems of the Earth. Others believe that man will eventually leam to cooperate and use resources intelligently. However, I think this is naive, wishful thinking, and from all the evidence, man is destroying the Earth.

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