FREE IELTS SAMPLE ESSAYS: Many people judge success solely by money and material possessions. However, success can be achieved or measured in other ways. What are your opinions on this topic?

If a person appears to be relatively wealthy, perhaps owning an expensive car, living in a nice house and generally enjoying a high standard of living then moist people would say this person is successful. This may indeed be true but there are certainly numerous other ways, in my view, in which success can be achieved or measured.

First of all, in terms of education, passing exams or completing a course can be considered successful activities. If A levels, a diploma or a degree are attained then this is recognized as a successful achievement, yet qualifications such as these do not necessarily lead to riches.

Another type of success can be achieved in work situations simply by doing one's own particular job effectively. Furthermore, job satisfaction and career fulfillment are also indications of success, yet do not necessarily mean being in in highly paid employment. For example, a voluntary worker for an aid agency in a developing country who has helped to construct buildings or improve facilities has been part of successful project.

I also believe that success can be achieved in domestic life such as raising and supporting a family. On a personal level it might also simply mean putting up shelves for the first time or winning a local sporting competition.

In conclusion, there no doubt that in today's society people often regard success purely in terms of wealth or materialistic values, but in my opinion this does not account for the variety of other ways that success can be achieved. Ultimately, measuring success might depend on an individual's personal goals.

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