More FREE IELTS Listening Tests Produced.

As you may have read in previous articles, are set on adding to their IELTS practice tests canon 15 more full tests. This will continue the original plan of increasing the IELTS practice tests on the site from 10 to 30 in 4 years. The first of this plan saw 5 full tests being uploaded, both in academic and general training format. As our sister sites, and, are most suited to first listening tests and secondly, reading tests, we have decided to now focus our attention on listening tests first and get them uploaded onto the sister site. This will be followed by 15 reading tests.

This will also suit our plan of launching a tablet application, as again listening and reading are the formats that can most successfully be transferred interactively to the digital format.

Right now, listening tests 16 to 25 are in the proof reading stage and tests 26 to 30 are in the writing stage. We hope that listening tests 16 to 30 will be written and proofread by the coming Christmas, so that the recordings can be done in time for a release at Easter 2014. This timetable should be attainable if things continue as they have been doing. As they won't be full IELTS practice tests, they will at first be only released on the sister sites in an interactive format, or be made available to our partners around the world.

We will keep you informed of our progress regularly.


Candy Adams said...

Thanks very much! I think it is very interesting and helpful for all.Yes I think that IELTS more easier if you know British English and the TOEFL easier if you good at American English. Now I’m preparing both of them and for me IELTS is more easier to understand!

Its really valuable .Thank you .

Ielts Listening Practice

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