FREE IELSTS ESSAYS: Recycling is now an essential measure: it's time for everyone in the community to be more environmentally responsible. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is hard to deny the importance of recycling in the modern world. One only has to visit the nearest landfill to understand the magnitude of the problem. However, while recycling is not always the cheapest option. It also is not the only problem in relation to the environment.

On one hand, there is much that can be done in terms of recycling household. Groups curb newspapers, bottles and cans to reduce the amount of waste that must be sent to the landfill. Some councils even collect plastic bottles and recycled, although it is generally believed that plastic recycling is an expensive process.

Many people are lazy when it comes to recycling and choose to throw it all away instead of separate materials for recycling. To cope with this, you may fines or taxes must be displayed. It also has been suggested that a new tax on bottles are not refundable.

At the same time, and other contaminants from the planet that have to do with anything to get rid of waste. The air transport on a large scale as the biggest threat to the environment, and what is not placed higher taxes on jet fuel, the situation is getting worse. However, it should make this kind of decision in an international forum and it is important that is attached to the greatest countries in the world (and the largest users of fossil fuels) in this debate.

We hope that our politicians come together and agree on a viable strategy for the world, which will allow for future generations to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our planet ....

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