FREE IELTS Preperation Tips: Fact and Opinion

When asked about the statement is a fact or an opinion, remember that answer and the choices that are made and usually have no ambiguous words. For example, how long is long?  What is the average person? This ambiguous "long" and "normal" words should not be realistic in a statement. However, if all the choices have ambiguous words, see the context of the passage. It is often declaration can be set as a realistic outcome of this investigation. For example: "The scientists found that the eye reacts quickly to changes in light. "Opinions may be set in the context of words like thought and belief, Understanding, or desire. Example:  "It was believed that the Yankees win the World Championship. 


Response options that direct opposites are usually correct. Will paragraph they often contain established relationships (when this goes that low) the question can be asked to draw conclusions from this, and will give two similar Response options that are opposites. For example:
A. ) If other factors are constant, increasing the interest rate will lead to decline in housing construction.
B. ) If other factors are constant , increasing the interest rate will lead to an increase in housing construction In many cases, not be clearly recognized in these antibodies.
Do not be intimidated by Different formula, and the search for meaning underneath. Notice how these two responses The choices are really opposites, with only a slight change in the wording shown top . Once you realize that they are opposites, should be studied closely. One of them is likely to be the correct answer. For example :
A. ) If other factors are constant , increasing the interest rate will lead to decline in housing construction.
B. ) When there is an increase in housing construction , and other things are equal, It is often the result of an increase in interest rates

Make Predictions 

Reading and understanding the passage and then the question, try to guess What would be the answer. Remember that most of the incorrect answer choices, Once read, and immediately become cluttered mind With answer choices designed to mislead . Your mind is usually the most Centered immediately after reading the passage and question and digested Its contents. If you can, try to predict what would be the correct answer. You can surprised by what can be predicted. Quickly wipe the options and see if your prediction is included in the response options. If so, then you can be absolutely sure that you have the correct answer. It is still not lose any of the other options check the answer, but most of the time, and may I got it! The answer to the question It may seem obvious answer is to choose only the options that match the question, but IELTS can create some excellent answer choices that are wrong . Do not choose to The only answer that seems right, or believe to be true. You must answer question. Once you have made ​​your choice , always go back and check it out against the issue and make sure there misunderstood the question, and the answer is no option to answer the question .index after reading the answer to the first option, and decide if you think that is not correct or not.If not , move on to the next option is the answer. If so, make a mental note about this option . This does not mean that you have chosen , certainly answer choice , it just means it's the best I've seen so far. continue and read the next option. If the next choice is worse than you already have selected, move on to answer the next option. If the option is better than the next option selected, please make a mental note about the response choice . As you read the list, you are mentally noting the choice you think is right. This is your new standard. Should be checked each answer choice against this standard. This option is true until proven otherwise by another The answer choice beating . Once you have decided that the answer is no choice It looks so good, and the final selection of one to ensure that the answer to the question. new Information Contain the correct answers is usually on the information described in the paragraph and Question. Rarely, new information is inserted in the correct Answer choice . Sometimes new information that may be relevant to the way IELTS in order to interpret, but rarely .For example :Argument depends on any of the following assumptions?

A. ) The scientists used the law to interpret the relationship of Carlos .If the law is not mentioned at all in the above paragraph and Charles Argument , then it is unlikely that this is the right decision. All information There is a need to respond to this question is provided by you, and so you should not have To make guesses that are unsupported or choose answer choices that have The anonymous information that can not be justified.Keywords Find the answer choices that have the same keywords in the refrigerator , as this question .For example: Which of the following, if this is true, the best interpretation of the reluctance of politicians Since 1980, funding to support this? Search for the keywords "1980", referred to in the correct answer choice . Perhaps the most correct answers options include a statement as" Since 1980, politicians have ... "valid information The information provided in the hall is not ruled out, especially shorter them. Every piece of information that may be necessary to determine the correct response . None of the information contained in the section is there to throw you off (while response options will cause you to lose information ) safely . If two and talk about topics unrelated to what seems, do not ignore it too. can be I'm sure there's a relationship, or not be included in the passage , and you 're probably going to have to determine what the relationship response .

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