FREE IELTS Preperation Tips: Contextual Clues

Find context clues . The answer may be right , but not the right . the Contextual clues will help you find the answer that is most appropriate and correct. Understanding the context in which the words came . When he was asked about the meaning implicit in the statement in the hallway, Immediately go find the statement and read the context in which some wine Find the answer choice that is similar to what is stated in the question sentence. Example: In the passage , which involves the phrase " has become churches More or less a part of the furniture "? Find the answer you choose similar or describes the phrase "part of the Furniture , " because this is the key question. " Part of the furniture " is To say that means something is fixed, immovable, or set in their ways . these Are all ways similar to the words "part of the furniture. " In this way , the correct answer
And you can include the option of returning to work similar expression. For example : Why John described as " morally desperate. " The answer may be a kind of definition of morality in it. "Ethics" Refers to the Code of Conduct of good and evil, so the answer is the right choice It is probably the word that means something like this.

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