FREE IELTS Preperation: Eliminate Choices

You can quickly eliminate some options. " Andy Warhol lived there. " Is Andy Warhol even mentioned in the article? If not , remove and quickly. In trying to answer a question like " passage refers both The following exception " the paragraph quickly skim for references to all Choice . For reference , scrape as an option. Options may be similar Strikeout simultaneously if they are close enough. In the options you are prompted to choose " not responding describes the choice? " W " All of these options are the characteristics of a specific response , except Who? " Look for answers that have been formulated in a similar manner . Since only one answer may be Be faithful , if there are two answers you seem to mean the same thing, And both must be correct , and may be removed .
For example :
A. ) Values ​​and attitudes change
B. ) For a large number of moving persons or uprooting

These options are the similar response ; Both describe the culture fluid . due to Similarity , which can be connected together . Since the answer can only be a Selection , which can also be removed together .

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